Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry out a site visit?

Yes, subject to location we are happy to visit your site, consult with you and provide a comprehensive free quotation.

How do I work out the size of the marquee I need?

Check out our capacity guide which will give you an idea as to the type of marquee you will require depending on the number of guests you will have at the event. Keep in mind that the sizes will vary depending on whether quests will be seated for dining or standing and whether there is a bar, buffet, band or DJ and a dance floor area.

How long is the marquee hire period?

Our prices are based on a 3 day hire period. Please ask us about longer hire-period prices.

When should I book?

You should try to book your marquee as soon as possible to ensure its availability on the dates you require. We reserve the right to add a premium for orders received less than 7 days prior to the occasion. Please see our Terms & Conditions of hire.

How and when do I pay?

We accept major credit cards, cash, cheques or direct deposits. A 20% deposit guarantees your order and a nominal refundable bond is taken upon final payment. This bond is fully refunded when the hired equipment is returned less any charges for damage or losses to equipment. Full payment is due by way of cleared funds 3 days prior to pick up or delivery. Our prices do not include Transport Charges.

What about insurance?

The customer is responsible for the insurance of the marquee and/or equipment for the duration of the hire including transportation of the hired marquee or equipment to and from the premises of the hire company. Any malicious damage or missing equipment will be billed to the customer. Please see outTerms & Conditions of hire.

What happens if something is damaged or missing?

We have to charge for damaged, broken or missing items. All the equipment is the responsibility of the hirer for the duration of the hire period. We charge you a nominal bond before pick up as security against damage, breakage or loss so please ensure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather. Please see out Terms & Conditions of hire.

When will you assemble and dismantle the marquee?

We usually try to erect your marquee 2-3 days prior to the event. This gives you time to add your finishing touches if necessary. However, this heavily depends on equipment availability, the marquee size, access to the site and weather conditions. We will endeavour to dismantle it as soon as possible after your event has finished, typically 2-3 days. If you have a specific timescale that you need to work to then this can normally be accommodated with enough prior warning.

Can Marquees be erected on any surface?

Certain marquees can be erected on most surfaces, provided there is some means of anchorage, even for aluminum frame marquees. Undulating surfaces can be tackled with a standard boarded floor to existing levels, slopes and troughs will require an integral raised floor. Electron marquees can only be erected on grass or peg-able sites. Concrete or asphalt surfaces may require weights at an additional cost.

Can a marquee damage cables or pipes running underneath the site?

Marquees are generally secured with long pegs and these may damage cables or pipes running beneath the site. It is your responsibility to let us know prior to erecting the marquee if you think there are any water mains or electrical cables in the area. If you are unsure we can use weights to secure a marquee at an additional cost.

Can I use a marquee to extend my house?

Yes, if the site permits we can erect a frame unit adjacent to any building. However, Marquees cannot be connected directly to a building. They can be butted up close against it and are therefore an excellent temporary extension if the space is suitable.

Do you supply all the furniture and accessories we need?

We can supply all your needs from chairs and tables to floors. We can also supply you with portable toilets, heating and lighting, security fencing and all your catering needs.

Can I make last minute changes to my marquee?

Yes, within reason and subject to availability. Changes to items such as furniture and catering equipment can normally be accommodated a couple weeks prior to the event. But please, let us know of any changes needed as soon as possible.

Are marquees suitable for winter events?

With the improvements in marquee construction and general heater technology, marquees are now ideal venues for winter events. Heaters provide warmth, and hard flooring protects the marquee from wet winter ground. More and more people are now utilising all the advantages of a marquee venue for their winter event.

Do we need to supply power to the marquee?

Depending on how much power is required, we can run electricity from a domestic mains supply or supply you with a generator.

Can you open the marquee sides?

Yes all marquee sides/walls can be opened to allow easy access. We can also customise you marquee to allow only certain access areas and we also offer framed doors.

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are more luxurious and are an essential element of a traditional wedding-style marquee. With unlined marquees, the PVC walls and marquee structure are fully visible, making them more suitable for functional or casual events.

Will a Marquee damage our grass?

Temporarily yes. Grass that has been covered for several days will have discoloration but will recover quickly. If you plan on cutting grass don’t leave it to the last minute. The aim is to erect the marquee on a dry surface to limit condensation and damage to lawn. Cut the grass a couple of days prior to allow it to dry out.

Soft, wet lawns where entrances and exits will be may become soggy due to foot traffic. We always suggest a wooden boarded floor on soft, wet conditions. Our crew will be very careful not to damage plants or property during the erection and disassembly of the marquee. Keep in mind that our pricing for marquees is based on level grass erections or peg-able site.